Enviromental, Clean, Responsive

The Hedge (info)

  • a Socio-Cultural, Economic Network for the Environment
  • Networking and Ideas for the Sophisticated, Environmentally Conscious inhabitants of the world.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Invoking the ArchAngles

  • an easy to follow meditation designed with the beginner in mind including a protection ritual for a better day.
  • ...coming soon...


Remind Me Again

ZeroSum Storytelling Application System

  • ZeroSum.GraceAmazing.com
  • A storytelling based application system for gamers and storytellers to keep track of their characters, their experiences, and a way to share the story of their game.


  • Iddy, bitty bits of information (complaints, praise, etc) relating to life in general, and specifically to life in the Richmond, VA area.

The LuckyBug Farm

  • theLuckyBug.GraceAmazing.Com
  • The Lucky Bug Farm is the overarching endeavor by GraceAmazing.com to provide varying Livestock and Gardening related projects.
    • Bees.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Cats.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Chickens.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Dogs.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Gardening.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Goats.GraceAmazing.Com
    • Koi.GraceAmazing.Com